“Jures house” manufactures wooden houses from high quality laminated logs. Laminated logs consist of two, three or four lamellas, pith side out and glued together. The rigid bonding of the elements means that these beams hardly crack or twist even after long periods. They are the perfect material for building log houses. Only laminated logs allow predicting the exact shrinking level for a newly built house.

The logs are cut very precisely by an automated log house milling machine compatible with a special software program (You can see our production process in ) . We use this log house design software for the development of working drawings that are sent to the machine thus error is eliminated and the possibility of significantly increasing the accuracy of processing is assured. Moreover the software helps to produce manuals that later allow for a remarkable increase in the quality assembling of log houses.


Laminated logs are manufactured by the glulam factory JSC "Jures medis" ( )  that has a huge experience of over 35 years to produce high quality glue laminated timber structures.


Houses made of laminated logs are premium technology buildings, which contain all the good properties of a wooden house: strength, reliability, sound and heat insulation. Laminated logs don’t have a feature to twist and/or crack and laminated log houses do not require additional finishing.