About us

The company JURES HOUSE aims  to become the world known manufacturer of glue laminated timber houses

The brand holder of JURES HOUSE is the company JM HAUS established in 2009, when decision to develop production of top quality wooden houses was taken. For this reason manufacturing of wooden houses was separated from the main activity of the mother company. The mother company is the world known manufacturer of glue laminated timber constructions (incl. laminated logs for manufacturing of wooden houses) from 1974. In 2011 JM HAUS has made considerable investments in the improvement of the production and has installed new machinery for manufacturing of the wooden houses.

The company has young and ambitious people who have a good knowledge of products, the market and customers needs. Flexibility and ability to respond to the needs of our customers are very important for us. Our job is to implement wishes of our customers who appreciate living in healthy and natural environment and are conscious of nature. JURES HOUSE designs and manufactures laminated logs based wooden buildings including homes, lakeside cabins, holiday villas, mountain lodges, leisure buildings, hotels, beach front homes, sauna houses, etc.

JURES HOUSE has a ready designed catalogue of different house projects. However those projects can be adjusted according the customer’s requirements and needs. Most of houses are manufactured according to individual and unique projects. All log elements are prefabricated in the factory using a machine pre-cut. Information about elements is sent to the machine directly from a designing software. Due to this process all elements are pre-cut in high precision. Houses made of laminated logs are:

  • durable
  • natural
  • ecological
  • healthy
  • warm
  • fast and easy to build