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+370 651 14815
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Medelyno st. 4, Jūrė,
Kazlų Rūda Municipality,

e-mail: info@jureshouse.eu
Jures House

Jures House is a manufacturer of glued laminated timber houses

We turn our customers wishes into reality
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We will get back to you within 2 days

Our experience

Jures House is a team of young and ambitious specialists who understand products, market and customer needs. We highly value flexibility and the ability to respond promptly to the needs of each customer. Our aim is to meet the expectations of those customers who wish to live in a healthy and natural environment, and who feel their best when surrounded by nature. Jures House designs and manufactures the following glued laminated timber structures: houses, lakeside cottages, holiday villas, mountain cottages, leisure houses, hotels, saunas, etc.

Jures House has issued a catalogue that presents a variety of log houses. Moreover, these projects may be adjusted according to the customer’s needs and requirements. The majority of the houses are manufactured according to individual and custom-designed projects. All of the beam elements are machine cut to size at our factory. This process allows us to achieve a particularly high precision in all of the elements.


+370 651 14815

Jures House
Medelyno st. 4, Jūrė,
Kazlų Rūda Municipality,

Our values

We carefully select only the top grade timber for our projects.
Attention to customers
Every customer is unique; therefore, we always try to understand the needs of each customer.
Social responsibility
We use green and renewable materials for our products.

Our history


Jures House trademark was incorporated.

Jures House trademark was incorporated in 2009, after a decision was made to continue developing the production of the top quality timber houses. For this reason, the manufacturing of timber houses was separated from the main activities of the parent company, Jūrės Medis UAB. The parent company has been a globally known enterprise for the manufacturing of glued laminated timber structures (including the production of glulam timber houses) since 1974. In 2011, Jūrės Medis UAB made a substantial investment into an improvement of the production process by introducing a new machine for the production of timber houses.


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