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Jures House

Glued laminated home projects, from 80 m2

People live in very different environments: some prefer to live in a moderate apartment in the city centre or old town, while others choose to have a private house on the outskirts of the city or even in the suburbs, and yet others wish to live in a large and spacious home close to nature, and to avoid the noise and air pollution of urban life.

Those who choose to live in a private house then need to decide how big their house will be. Projects for compact homes under 80 m2 have the advantages of requiring simpler documentation and being more cost-efficient. Nonetheless, people frequently choose to build houses with larger areas of up to 150 m2 because they want to enjoy more living space and to have not only spacious rooms, but also a garage and other useful facilities.

Therefore, if you pick a home project with a larger area of up to 150 m2, the Jures House team will be at your service to assist you with both its adequate design and its construction.

Comparison of different types of houses
Glued laminated timber houses
Log houses
Brick houses
Prefab panel houses
Architecture freedom
Prompt construction
Good microclimate
Our timber houses are valued abroad
90% of our products are exported to other countries
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