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Glued laminated home projects, up to 80 m2

People choose houses of various sizes: some prefer log houses smaller than 80 m2; while others prefer a somewhat larger home. However, everyone agrees that a private house is always better than an apartment, because in a house you are not affected by your neighbours beyond the walls.

Why are log house projects up to 80 m2 so popular in Lithuania? What are the advantages?

  • Cost-efficiency. Houses with the area of up to 80 m2 are more cost-efficient than homes with a larger area, because the building projects for these houses are less complex in a larger architectural and engineering solution, which makes their construction price lower than the price of a larger house. In addition, due to the limited area, all of the interior spaces in such a house are utilised, which in turn means that only the useful area of the home will be heated. In this type of house, you do not need to heat the areas that you hardly use.
  • Cosiness. Many people feel much cosier living in a smaller space, which also improves communication among the family members. Usually, small-area log houses of up to 80 m2 involve a rational use and utilisation of all the available spaces, leaving no areas in a house that are rarely in use, thus creating a cosier home. When it is time to tidy up the house, you will not have to spend the entire day cleaning it.
Comparison of different types of houses
Glued laminated timber houses
Log houses
Brick houses
Prefab panel houses
Architecture freedom
Prompt construction
Good microclimate
Our timber houses are valued abroad
90% of our products are exported to other countries
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