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Jures House

Unique custom design homes

Do you have a project in mind for a wooden summer cottage, residential house or any other structure, and do you want someone else to take over the “headache” of its construction?

Do you wish to design a unique home that meets your needs and desires?

If the answer to any of the two questions is positive, contact us. We can offer you a variety of solutions for the design and construction of timber homes and summer cottages. We render turnkey construction services for all types of timber houses: we will not only build your wooden summer house or another building, but will also take care of the surrounding territory.

We offer glued laminated timber houses with the following properties:

  • Environmentally-friendly – we use timber for the construction of the houses that comes from certified ecologically clean and renewable forests.
  • Durable – glued laminated houses can last for ages, provided that they are repainted in due time and equipped with the proper roofing materials.
  • Quick-build – it take just several weeks to prepare the house elements at our factory, followed by a quick installation at the site. Therefore, the design stage of such a residential house or summer cottage consumes more time than the actual construction.

These timber houses allow for greater architectural freedom in comparison to other types of wooden homes because the building technology allows for the use of logs that are longer than 6 metres and that are 50% more resistant to bending than ordinary logs. This means that the design of a wooden summer cottage or a residential house does not require the gaps between the walls to be restricted by the standard dimensional requirements applicable to the construction of regular log houses.

Comparison of different types of houses
Glued laminated timber houses
Log houses
Brick houses
Prefab panel houses
Architecture freedom
Prompt construction
Good microclimate
Our timber houses are valued abroad
90% of our products are exported to other countries
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Do you need a design for your unique glued laminated timber house or do you have a design already?
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