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Turnkey homes:
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Analysis of our customer needs

Turnkey homes are houses that are typically chosen by people who prefer to avoid too many worries during the construction. To us, each of our customers is unique. Therefore, our specialists will examine their needs in detail to offer the best design and construction solutions to satisfy the customer. Because a glued laminated timber house is a substantial investment in the future, it is important to determine the detailed aspects of the customer's project. This will ensure that the construction of the turnkey home will produce the exact results imagined by the customer.



Taking into account all the needs of the customer that are determined during the initial stage of the project, we will first prepare a 3D visualisation of the wooden part of the house. This allows the customer see his future home not only in a two-dimensional drawing, but also as a three-dimensional model. It also simplifies the decisions related to both the exterior and interior solutions of a house, allowing to have a better feeling of the available space. At this stage, the exact price of the entire project will be calculated. The presentation of a 3D visualisation is followed by the preparation of the technical drawings for the special CNC machine tools that will perform the production of the elements of the glued laminated timber house. The turnkey design stage of the house is one of the most crucial parts of the construction process, because it involves the decisions regarding many exterior and interior solutions which cannot be changed later, or where their modification could be rather pricey.



The elements of the house are manufactured in our factory by using the CNC machine tools according to the prepared technical drawings of the wooden part of the house. It usually takes 3 weeks to complete the manufacturing work. The logs are prepared in such a way so as to ensure the minimum time consumption during the assembly and construction at the respective site, including the provision of joinery, openings for the engineering networks, etc. The majority of these processes are automated and are performed by the special CNC tools; therefore, the elements are characterised by precision that makes a glued laminated timber house even stronger and more rigid than a classic log house. After the completion of the manufacturing of the necessary elements, they are packaged and transported to the construction site.



A professional team of specialists will mount the factory-made elements of a turnkey house onto the installed foundation. They will first install the walls and the roof structures, then the roofing materials, which will be then followed by the installation of the windows and doors. In order to reduce the construction and assembly time of a house to the maximum extent, the majority of the house elements are prepared at the factory. Therefore, the mounting process takes considerably less time, as the volume of work to be performed at the actual site is reduced.



After the completion of the mounting work, we will take care of the house interior. First, the engineering solutions, such as the installation of the electricity, water supply and other networks will be provided, followed by the arrangement of the interior. All of the work is carried out according to the plans that have been coordinated and agreed with the customer in advance. The aim of this stage is to complete the interior work in a way that conforms as much as possible to the customer’s needs and allows the customer to move in (for residential houses) or to spend the summer (for summer cottages) in a house as quickly as possible.



After the construction is completed, the surrounding territory of the house will be taken care of: the installation of terraces, bridges, sheds and walking paths, the levelling of the ground and planting of grass for the lawn, etc. Upon the completion of this stage, the customer will receive the keys for a new home!

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